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This is the part where i should speak of myself in 3rd person but i won't. I really can't. What you see right now is not a proper photographer website and , sure as hell, is not just a showcase of my recent works. It's the version 0.1 of my approach to photography as art form, as a way to communicate with others and, most important, to express myself.

Fragments  - After 6 years being a photographer i started to feel the urgency to add more depth to my pictures. We are slaves to social media: people stops to 1 single picture to judge the whole concept, missing it completely very often. So i started writing small stories, joining them with the pictures  in order to give the reader a wider experience while in front of a single image. Every Fragments will have also the suggest audio soundtrack via Spotify.

Talented People - What i love the most of being a photographer is that it allows me to met a lot of amazing and talented people. This section of the site is all for them : ) Interviews, shared project, collaborations, videos and more to let you discovered the most talented people that out generation has to offer.

VOV - Voice of the Voiceless - As an artist, the first rule to be able to communicate with others is to engage, listen, think and share with the people that surround us. In the end you'll never know the opportunities hidden behind a total stranger.

The name of the homepage is Open Your Eyes.  It's just an invite to approach to all the forms of expression that you will find here in the most honest, curious and hungry way that you can.I'm sure that many other sections and projects will rise in the next months. For those who loves music as much as i do, you will find a Playlist of the Week with the songs i strongly suggest to listen to while reading the stuff on this website.

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