what you don't know about me

As in the Homepage i will not speak of myself in 3rd person in this section neither. My name is Gio, i'm 34yo and I am a photographer/blogger/writer/screenwriter and i'm adding more to the list.

I started photography in 2010 and switched it to my regular job in 2011.
I'm not the kind of guy capable of standing in place waiting for the chance to come.

As a photographer i've traveled  a lot and i'm thankful.
I've met lots of amazing people and i'm thankful.
Some times i'm tired, really tired, and it seems like i'm gonna need days made of 36 hours, weeks made of 12 days and i'm still thinking that i need more time. I want more time

But i am thankfull.

My photography is about stories, people and emotions.

If my style fits your needs feel free to contact me using the form on the website or via email/social network. ( don't forget to follow me on Instagram!)

To be able to tell, you must first learn to live your experiences in the most deep and honest way.

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