“Youth Resurrection” | Re-writing the urban grunge with Off-White and Gosha Rubchinskiy
27 dicembre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Outdoor, People 0 Comments

The landscape of streetstyle is truly shapeshifting. Off White and Gosha Rubinschkiy redefine forms and visual aesthetic of the whole concept of urban fashion.

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It just happened.
27 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments, Outdoor 0 Comments

One day I realized that I've become a bad guy. A bad guy dressed up like an innocent. It just happened. I didn't see this coming. One day I woke up and started acting like I was one of bad guys. Was it the real myself? Was it just a mask I've put on for the show? Not a chance.

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