17 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog fragments 0 comments


Lately i’ve been losing sleep. I stay up till late trying to find a solution. Yes, we had a problem. A huge one too.

We are too scared to live our love to the bones. But why? What is this unnamed monster that scares us?
Why are we so uncapable to trust somebody or, even worst, to be trusted by someone?
Too many questions hunting my dreams and heavy thoughts echoing in my head, annoying me to craziness.
Truth is I am tired.
I’ve been late with her almost every night, talking and talking trying to find a way out, find a solution.
It always ends with a crazy argument of ours: a moment we laugh together and the next one we yell to each other curse and voodoo magic.
I can’t blame her, it’s not her fault and neither mine.
This fucking situation is driving me crazy.

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