Never. Holding. Back.

23 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog fragments 0 comments
Never. Holding. Back.


How much I hate you.
Lately it’s been like everything is going too fast, everybody is running around me doing crazy stuff and I simply can’t keep up the pace.
I got some serious issue with time: I need days made of 56 hours to do all the things I wanna do and I’m gonna need 10 lives to achieve all my childhood dreams ( being an astronaut still n.#1) .

Biggest problem: I can’t say no.
Even if I got tons of work to do I cannot say no to anybody.
I remember everytime she opened the door asking to share a coffee. It was a time loss that I can barely afford, but I really couldn’t give a “no sorry” as an answer.

I am afraid of losing chances.
I am afraid of losing people.

I guess I know where this fear of mine came from : Summer 1993.

One day I decided to declare my feelings to the girl I liked.
The next morning I opened my hands and filled with as much courage as I could and showed me up in front of her holiday house.
Unfortunately she was packing her bags and going back home that precise day.

Gosh I liked her so much.
I felt so sorry.

On that given day I promised myself that I would never miss a chance again.
A chance to share a smile.
A chance to be honest with someone.
A chance to live a dream.


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