Playlist of the Week #5 – IKNOWIAMLATE but finally.. <3

14 dicembre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Playlist 0 comments
Playlist of the Week #5 – IKNOWIAMLATE but finally.. <3

Ey guys : )

Here’s the new playlist of the week, only one week late! ( sarcasm mode ON )

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates but i’m being pretty busy also courtesy of an unpleasant, unrequested fever that ko’ed me last 3 days, meh!
I got big news for the upcoming days : 3 new editorial will go live here on the website as well as on some mags!
In addition, i will shoot with some gorgeous model and i got plenty of new crazy ideas. I can sense lots of colors spreading all over the site in the incoming days!

Ok, let’s cut it short coz i don’t wanna spoiler anything more than that: here’s the new PoW!

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