Staring at me.

19 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog fragments 0 comments
Staring at me.


I closed my eyes but I could still feel that she was staring at me. I was so confused because I didn’t understand what she wanted from me.
Few seconds ago our lips where so close that is was almost as we kiss each other but suddendly she moved away from it.

What the hell was wrong with her?

Did she want me out of her life for good?
Did she want to push me against a wall and kiss me?
Why was she so scared?
She was a good girl with bad habits.

“I’m sure that you are going to hurt me ” she told me.
Her words taste insane. How could she think such a nonsense?

I froze for an instant and then slowly regained control of me.
In the end, I had to face the final act of our story. I had to decide of our future because it was clear to me that she had zero, I mean ZERO, intentions to decide of us or even just for herself.

Then I opened my eyes again and I saw her staring at me.
I froze again. I didn’t want to make that choice.

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