Fragments #9 – I am a BIG deal
22 dicembre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments 0 Comments

In the last couple of months i’ve been trying to define US many and many times. It was such a chaos. We kept crossing a thin line between right and wrong. Gosh, it was a ridicously thin line. I was getting mad. I fought hard for what i believe, i fought my fights. I knew that i was right but now, somehow, all my self confidence is gone. Last night i spent few hours sitting on the floor, hiding in full darkness with both hands on my head. I was trying to squeeze out a solution or at least a definition of the problem. Not.A.Clue. I ‘ve tried to talk to her. At some point all i wanted was her to help us. i was absolutely unable to find a solution so i wanted her to find  a way out for us. Or a way forward. She kept saying that “it wasn’t a big deal”. She was repeating it like a single statement song. That shit makes me wanna blow my head off. How can i trust someone that keeps underestimating me all the time? How can i want to spend my time with her? How can i love such […]

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If you want a change, BE that change.
7 novembre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments 0 Comments

When we were young every weekend was a fight.

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It just happened.
27 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments, Outdoor 0 Comments

One day I realized that I've become a bad guy. A bad guy dressed up like an innocent. It just happened. I didn't see this coming. One day I woke up and started acting like I was one of bad guys. Was it the real myself? Was it just a mask I've put on for the show? Not a chance.

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Never. Holding. Back.
23 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments 0 Comments

How much I hate you. Lately it's been like everything is going too fast, everybody is running around me doing crazy stuff and I simply can't keep up the pace. I got some serious issue with time: I need days made of 56 hours to do all the things I wanna do and I'm gonna need 10 lives to achieve all my childhood dreams ( being an astronaut still n.#1) .

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My addiction.
13 ottobre 2016 by Gio Confalone in Blog, fragments 0 Comments

That Monday I had to admit my addiction: I had to know things.

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